GE Profile Water Cooler Review

GE Profile water cooler is a product by GE Profile. The model referred to in this article is Model no: PXCF22RBS whilst the product name is ‘GE Profile™ ENERGY STAR® qualified Hot and Cold Free-Standing Water Dispenser’.

About the Product:

Tip-to-toe of this cooler is given below-

  • The cooler is completed by a classy and chic stainless steel finish.
  • Efficiency has a complete true meaning when it is even energy-efficient. However, this is decided by ENERGY STAR® and it is has received the certification from energy star since it fulfills all the rules and regulations.
  • Multi-purpose use provides hot, cold and room temperature water; this can easily be dispensed by a push button faucet provided.
  • Infrared indicators to indicate the status of the water presently.

Weight, Dimensions and Capacity:

  • Weighs 40 pounds and measures 14” x 39” x 12 1/5” (D x H x W)
  • Has a capacity of 0.26 gal/hr and 0.8 gal / hr for chilled water & hot water respectively.
  • Furthermore, bottle capacity is 3 to 5 gallon bottles.

GE Profile water cooler has become household name for quality, service and trust; all because of brand value associated with it.

Best Home Meat Slicer Review

Meat slicers are great for grinding meat with ease. This post discusses about the best home meat slicer available in the market today .i.e. Chef’s Choice Meat Slicer – Professional Model 667.

Highlights of the Model

The salient features of the model include:

  • It is built with a commercial quality stainless blade of 10 inches with a fine edge that easily slices meat, cheese, bread, vegetables and fruits.
  • The exteriors are made of die-cast metal to give it a professional look.
  • An option for controlling thickness enables slicing to vary from deli thin to half inch thick slices.
  • At its highest performance speed, the engine produces ¼ hp for even and quick slicing.
  • A blade sharpener and a food tray are provided with the unit.
  • Tilted design allows you to slice all kinds of food efficiently.
  • Heavy duty induction motor is very powerful and silent in operation.
  • The food carriage has a high capacity and retracts completely to fit large hams and toasts.

Where to Purchase?

‘Chef’s Choice Meat Slicer – Professional Model 667’ can be purchased for $417 at the following link of Amazon:

The best home meat slicer featured in this post has received good reviews from users, however; most of them find the cleaning part to be a bit tough as the food particles get into some jointed areas of the slicer.