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Better Than Wheat

Italian Choices has listened to the feedback from customers and is delighted to announce they are now adding Sam Mills and Felicia branded Gluten Free (corn) pastas to their pasta line.

For those person who are celiacs and unfortunately suffer from dermatitis herpetiformis and wheat allergies, Italian Choices has now opened up exciting meal options. The beauty about all this, gluten free is not only available in health food stores but right in your favorite supermarket.

Corn Pasta cooks up al dente, so no broken pieces when cooked.

Corn Pasta is all natural made with 100% GMO free corn flour and water. It’s corn that is not genetically modified in any way.

Corn Pasta is gluten free, soy free, egg/diary free, cholesterol free.

Corn Pastais made with a de-germinated corn…germ-free corn which drastically cuts fat content from 4% to 1% with the added benefit of no bitter after taste.

Corn Pasta has a delicate flavor similar to an egg noodle.

Corn Pasta gets its visually appealing natural golden color from the corn…it’s “pasta d’Oro”...pasta of gold or golden pasta!

You will never feel bloated from eating a bowl of Felicia Corn Pasta

Felicia Corn Pasta, you will know, is Glycemic Index (GI) tested and the results prove Pasta d’Oro is low GI registering only 33 on the GI scale. GI goes from 1-100. Any number under 50 is considered low. With such a low GI, Sam Mills Pasta digests slowly through your system, keeping blood/sugar levels at an even keel while boosting energy.

Finally, Corn Pasta has less calories, less carbohydrates and more protein than most gluten free pastas!

The facts are clear. For a healthier Gluten free lifestyle, Sam Mills and Felicia branded pastas are simply great choices!


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